Would you like to be certified in Theory of Change but don’t have the time to head to our offices? Introducing our ONLINE THEORY OF CHANGE CERTIFICATION COURSE.

By moving the ToC course online, with online tests after each module, the course is now designed to take two months.

All comprehensive material from the original course remains, plus suggested readings.

Each students will receive a syllabus of reading per module, and then take an online test.  Upon passing the test, they move to the next module.

If a student doesn’t pass, they can re-take the test.

A live tutor will be available via email, phone or Skype to guide the student and answer questions.

Upon successful completion of the course and tests, the student will receive a certificate and  badge that can be used on their own website or literature and they will be listed on as Badge holders who have passed the certification course. 

The course is designed to teach both basic and advanced Theory of Change concepts, but it does not teach facilitation. However, those who choose can add a module on facilitation tips.

Cost $2000

Please fill out the form to apply and submit payment.

For more information contact Helene Clark at

Certification Course

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