Video Resources

These videos have been made by colleagues Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy as part of the ReDrawing Dublin, their ongoing initiative to promote real quality urban living in Dublin, Ireland.

This video draws on the links between Dublin & New York, by transposing the opening of Manhattan into a Dublin setting.

Another video by the ReDrawing Dublin team Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy on inequalities in the urban environment, in this case the importance of trees and the inequalities in their provision.

More Resources

The Theory of Change library is an on-going project of the Theory of Change Community, with the long-term goal of being a comprehensive resource for all things TOC – background, how-to, books and articles, case studies and examples, videos, and presentations.

We believe that to have a full understanding of how and when to use Theory of Change methodology, the library needs to also contain materials about different outcomes-based methods. To that end, we welcome articles and publications that review other methods, and particularly any comparative studies.