Team Members

Heléne Clark, Ph.D., Founder and Director An urban geographer and environmental psychologist, Heléne Clark works with organizations engaged in social change to build their capacity to develop clear goals, gather knowledge about results, and expand the impact of critical social interventions. Dr. Clark and a colleague founded ActKnowledge to provide rigorous research, planning and organizational development skills to the social sector. Heléne has been the lead evaluator on numerous initiatives and served as advisor to many other evaluations around the U.S. and in the United Kingdom. Dr. Clark incorporated the “Theory of Change” methodology into ActKnowledge’s work, and has led ActKnowledge to be the pre-eminent developer, facilitator and trainer of this method. Her international work includes the development of not-for-profit organizations in Moscow, various projects in the U.K., and work with numerous international non-government organizations in the developing world. Heléne has served on the Board of Directors of Housing Conservation Coordinators in New York City for eight years. Prior to founding ActKnowledge, Dr. Clark was Associate Director of the Center for Human Environments, and taught courses in urban and economic geography, environmental psychology, housing policy and research methods. She has published widely on housing and community development policy topics, as well as education and youth development.
Peter Metsopoulos, Executive Director of the Center for Theory of Change (nonprofit sister organization to social enterprise ActKnowledge) has engaged in change-management leadership for two decades. His work is centered around envisioning how the organizational and strategic pieces of programs fit together so that the world can be a better, more equitable, and more understandable place. He believes in equity, education, and empathy as the solutions to pretty much every problem.

Over the course of a 30 year career that has spanned broadcast design and special effects production, independent film and global distribution, classroom teaching, and educational program development, Peter currently serves on the board for Wide Angle Youth Media in Baltimore. He has also served as the co-founder of a charter middle school in Baltimore City, a presenter at national and local conferences, and a board member for youth-focused social enterprises. He is a collaborative leader dedicated to enrolling people in the movement toward meaningful change.

Peter has a graduate certificate in Educational Leadership from Johns Hopkins; he has also attended the Leadership Lab at the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute (gcLi). He earned a B.A. in literature from Columbia University.

Community-centered programming directed at systemic change has been a consistent theme of his efforts; as the Founding Director of the Leadership & Entrepreneurship Institute at Roland Park Country School, he researched similar programs as well as higher ed programs that the Institute would be preparing students to engage in. The best practices and lessons learned at other institutions became a way to build stronger foundations and more innovative structures for a program designed to prepare students to partner with social-impact organizations as a means of creating community-based change.

EricEric K. Glunt, Ph.D, Psychology, CUNY
Director, California Health Incentives Improvement Project
Interwork Institute, San Diego State University
Eric currently specializes in the areas of disability and employment. He brings a community development perspective and background to independent living and youth transition to improve economic and quality of life conditions for persons with disabilities. He has served as lead evaluator on numerous projects. Eric serves on the California Committee for People with Disabilities, and the Board of Policy Works.
Christina EastonCristina Easton
Cristina is an expert facilitator who supports teams in strategic thinking, envisioning, and engagement. Her experience as an educational consultant, school principal, and teacher provide a foundation in fostering opportunities for collaboration and stewarding projects from ideation to implementation. In all of her work, Cristina centers voice, equity, collaboration and joy, while remaining focused on desired outcomes and metrics along the way. Cristina has worked to found a school, develop and evaluate programs, and facilitate professional development in topics including personal finance, goal-setting, and pedagogy that promotes equity. Most recently, she has served as the Whole Girl Wellness Consultant for a Baltimore single-sex public school, as they implement their student wholeness and wellness initiative, and as a leadership coach for a Kansas City school principal.
Misra Iltus, M.A.
Misra Iltus, M.A., is a research associate, conferencing expert, ToC facilitator and videographer. Misra has worked with the Center for ToC for six years on numerous projects. She currently also works at the UN on Sustainable Development Goals and conferencing.
Belinda Biscoe, Ph.D.
Belinda Biscoe, Ph.D. Is Vice President for Outreach and Continuing Education at the University of Oklahoma. Belinda is an expert in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She also is an expert in leading ToC development. As a member of our Advisory Board, she also advises on Center vision and projects as well as partners on projects.
Ahu Iltus
Ahu Iltus is the Administrator for the Center. She has over twenty years experience working with the Oman mission to the UN and brings her knowledge of international development and administrative skills to all of our projects.
Natasha Votypka, Technology Expert & Webmaster
Natasha supports organizations in refining their online presence and communication efforts by helping them focus on their goals and creating a cohesive online presence and brand. Her expertise in strategic planning allows her to mentor organizations in determining their ideal audience, mapping out their businesses for future growth, and helping them stand out as thought leaders in their industry. She has worked with a range of clients from entrepreneurs & nonprofits to large Fortune 500 companies such as Novartis, Genentech, and American Express. She has also taught at Parsons MFA program teaching students Interactive Design.  She help design and plan the TOCO application with the Actknowledge staff.