Theory of Change Meets Impact


Please join Dr. Selim Iltus and Dr. Heléne Clark for this webinar: An informal discussion on how Theory of Change Models can be used as the main building block for Research and Evaluation

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An informal discussion with Dr. Selim Iltus and Dr. Heléne Clark on how Theory of Change Models can be used as the main building block for research and evaluation

This webinar will focus on why Theory of Change (TOC) modeling is essential and can be used as the main building block for any project. The participants will discuss the strengths of the TOC approach, compare it to Logic Models and logframes, and explain the benefits of TOC in planning, monitoring and evaluating projects. The webinar will include a few on-line presentations, where the concepts are illustrated graphically and in an interactive way. One of the areas covered will be Impact Evaluations and how they can be incorporated into TOC models. The webinar will have a global focus and will include many examples mostly from countries all over the world.

Selim Iltus, Ph.D.
Special Guest DiscusserDr. Selim Iltus is a world-known specialist with 25 years of research and evaluation experience. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Until recently, he was the Research and Evaluation Officer at the Bernard Van Leer Foundation, based in Netherlands. Dr. Iltus is a specialist on Early Childhood Development, play and education as well as child and community participation. Among many others, he has worked in numerous projects globally, including countries such as Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Sudan, Brazil, and Bolivia. He is also very familiar with the world of philanthropy and how the foundations work and think. He has widely used Theory of Change modeling in his work and how it relates to project planning, research, monitoring and evaluation.

Heléne Clark, Ph.D.
Director, ActKnowledge
Dr. Clark is the founder of ActKnowledge and Board member of the Center for Theory of Change. She has pioneered the methods and use of ToC in Impact Evaluation and Strategic Planning in the U.S and countries worldwide, from human rights in Africa, youth activism globally and hunger and poverty in under-resourced countries. A common issue across countries is how to best use ToC to align with Impact Evaluation, Results Frames and Logframes. Her field experience in U.S. communities and internationally had led to the development of non-profit education models in many fields. Dr. Clark continues to develop, train and publish on using Theory of Change in diverse contexts and in conjunction with other methods. ActKnowledge is also the developer of the only web-based software, Theory of Change Online, dedicated to the learning and creating to ToCs that can be used and shared across distances as well as within a single project.