Eoin Collins, Acting Director.
Eoin Collins is Senior Evaluation Specialist in ActKnowledge where he has been responsible for the application of Theory of Change in evaluation and planning for a range of organizations including Oxfam Australia and the Alliance for Financial inclusion. Prior to joining ActKnowledge he was Director of Policy in GLEN, a national NGO in Ireland, where he made a significant contribution to the enactment by the Irish government in 2010 of civil partnership legislation for same-sex couples closely based on civil marriage.

Zabi Rahat – Organizational Development Coordinator

Zabi Rahat is the Center’s Organization Development Coordinator. He supports the design and implementation of the Theory of Change Certification course, fundraising for the Center and the management of media and communication. He provides support to the Center’s Advisory Board and manages the convening and development of the Board.
Zabi is also one of the main contributors to the development and design of TOCO Premium, an online design and mapping software for Theory of Change.

Zabi is proficient in five languages including English, Dari, Pashto, Hindi and elementary Arabic.