Center for Theory of Change


Webinar Date: June 2, 2016 10 A.M – 11:30 A.M.
Webinar Description: This webinar has been designed to acquaint you with the fundamentals of Theory of Change, by introducing you to concepts and practical aspects of Theory of Change.
The webinar will illustrate how Theory of Change can transform your organization by shifting your focus towards results and how those results can be achieved. Viewers will come away with an understanding of the strengths of Theory of Change as a tool for planning, strategy, organizational learning and evaluation.
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The Center for Theory of Change is a non-profit organization established to promote quality standards and best practice for the development and implementation of Theory of Change, with a particular focus on its use and application in the areas of international development, sustainability, education, human rights and social change.

Theory of Change has the power to radically enhance the capacity of social change organizations and initiatives to achieve their goals and demonstrate their impact. It grounds planning and strategy in the reality and evidence base of what is necessary to achieve change. Theory of Change is also critical to evaluation, providing a framework that allows organizations to know what to evaluate and when. It builds on – and can usefully incorporate data gathered through – other approaches that have been developed to improve planning and evaluation, including ‘logic models/logframes’ and ‘results frames’.