New Webinars Released

Title: Methods for Facilitating and Implementing Theories of Change

Date: June 21st

Time: 10 A.M. EDT

In this webinar we will discuss ways of facilitating Theory of Change development including exciting new tools we have recently used with success for drawing outcomes out of your opportunities and threats analysis. The webinar will relate real-time facilitation to the use of online tools to capture, illustrate and communicate your Theory.

This webinar will cover the following points:

  1. Theory of Change (ToC) Facilitation:
  • Facilitating large groups – should participants be broken into separate meetings sessions due to power relationships, or locations?
  • Small group exercises
  • Prompts to clarify Long-term outcome and Top-line Preconditions
  1. Conducting ToC sessions online using Theory of Change Online (TOCO)
  2. Using Survey Monkey to prepare for ToC planning sessions
  • Pre ToC Workshop Survey
  • Post ToC workshop Survey
  1. How to draw out outcomes (preconditions) using existent documents such as:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Logic Models
  • Proposals
  1. Individual or group interviews by phone with key stakeholders to further analyze Theory of Change outcomes framework


Title: Theory of Change in International Development & Human Rights

Date: July 6th.

Time: 10 A.M. EDT

This webinar will address opportunities and constraints NGO and consultants face in writing proposals, program designs & designing M&E framework.

Heléne Clark & Eoin Collins will address the Following:

  • Discussing particular opportunities and constraints NGO, International development organization & consultants face in writing proposals, program designs and designing evaluation frameworks and how Theory of Change fits in.
  • In Development and Human Rights projects, the realities of funder demands, local capacity, and vastly different contexts need to be handled with one or more Theories that are flexible & adaptable to fit requirements and timelines but remain rigorous to lead to successful results.
  • How to make sure funders and their requirements are accounted for during program design & evaluation.
  • Dr. Clark & Eoin Collins have several current projects grappling with these issues and will bring current issues, practical experiences and best practices to this webinar.